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Admin Password Reset

Postby innozemec » Thu Jan 24, 2013 10:22 pm

In case You forget or loose the password You use to access the script administration area, there is no way to retrieve it.
You can only reset it by creating new password.

To do so, follow this simple guide.

Open up Your favorite editor and create new blank tmp.php file with contents:

Code: Select all
require_once '';
mysql_query("UPDATE mclsettings set password='$pass'");
echo '<center><b>DONE</b></center>';

Upload the tmp.php file to your MCL install directory, and run it in Your browser like

Once that is done, login to the admin panel with password: newpass

After successfully resetting the password, delete the tmp.php from Your server.

Finally, go to the script settings screen and put new password you will remember, don't leave the script with the newpass password!

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