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Step by Step Guide

Postby innozemec » Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:25 pm

Getting started with Mighty Content Locker is pretty, pretty easy! You don't need any technical experience or advanced programming skills!


Refer to this Installation Guide


Within every form of the administration panel, next to each field You see small information icon.
Simply hover your mouse over it and You will see detailed information about the corresponding field
and detailed instructions for what and how to use that field.

Using Mighty Content Locker is pretty straightforward!

First, You need to load it with some offers. Just grab some offers from Your CPA networks and
in the navigation menu go to Offers->Add New or Offers->Bulk Import to insert them in the script database.

Second, You need to create a Locker. Use the Lockers->Create New button in the navigation menu to create
Your Locker. By default the form and settings are prepopulated with Default values, so all You need to do is supply a Name for
Your Locker. However, You can play with the options and settings found there. Once You are done, simply hit the Create Locker
button found on very bottom of the page.

Once You created Your Locker, You are seeing a page with Embed Code instructions. Read them carefully and simply copy and paste
the Embed Code to your website.

Thats it plain and simple!

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