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Postby innozemec » Thu Feb 21, 2013 11:31 am

Upgrading Mighty Content Locker is really easy and You have nothing to worry about!

1) Grab the UPGRADER package from Your Products Inventory from our website. Click Here to go there

2) Extract the zip archive file with the script, keeping the path names intact.

3) Upload all the files and folders contained in the archive to Your web server in your MCL installation directory.

If by any mistake You have uploaded the Install package instead of the Upgrader, DO NOT COMPLETE the installation form as that will reset Your MySQL database! Don't touch anything more and contact us to get You fixed!

4) Once You uploaded everything, simply visit Your MCL admin panel and You will see a note it is upgrading. After it finished take a look around to see all looks and works fine.

5) Enjoy the great new features!

If You have any Upgrading questions or problems DISCUSS THEM HERE

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