Some Questions

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Some Questions

Postby KareemDouna » Thu Oct 06, 2016 4:35 pm

Hey. I'm new to indexification and have some questions.

About a month ago i made a backlinking campaign for a website that i own, but everytime i scanned the site for backlinks it wouldn't find none.

So, researching for some tutorials i found your services, subscribed it, got my API, and made my first campaign, with a dripfeed of 6 days. The thing is that the campaign ended in 24h and with only one site indexed, that is automatic, so i guess it's the site itself.

So my questions are:

- Does that mean the site does not have any backlinks, and the backlinking campaign failed? Because it was supposed to have a little bit more that 100 backlinks.

- Does that mean that, it does not index any of the backlinks, because i didn't have the API when i did the backlinking campaign?

- Am i submitting the wrong website, on the indexification campaign? I have to submit my "money site" right?

- The site itself, still does not have much content, but is that a reason to not index any backlink?

If you know any other reasons for this to happen just tell me. Thank you.

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Re: Some Questions

Postby KareemDouna » Mon Oct 10, 2016 3:10 am


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