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Postby innozemec » Tue Jan 22, 2013 8:45 am

Installing Mighty Content Locker, does not require any programming or advanced skills!
You just need to upload the script package to Your server and complete online self install form.

1) Extract the zip archive file with the script, keeping the path names intact.

2) Upload all the files and folders contained in the archive to Your web server in the preferred directory by keeping the path and file names intact!

3) Launch Your favorite web browser and navigate to the directory where You have uploaded the software. Example:

4. You are seeing an Installation form You need to fill in to complete the installation.
If You see any warnings about Incorrect file permissions, do the following chmod's - file to 666 and directory temp to 777
This means you need to change the permissions of that file and folder. In your FTP Client right click on the file/folder and look for "Change Permissions" or something like that

5) Fill in the installation form that You see. If you have no idea about mysql, simply watch this video

6) After successfull Install, remove the install.php and chmod back to 644 if necessary

7) Once You get into the administration area, go to Settings->Automation from the main navigation menu. It is recommended to setup the Cronjob automation method, as it is more reliable than the Default Asynchronous Ajax

If You have any Installation questions or problems DISCUSS THEM HERE

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